equivant Partners with OSM for a Complete View of Offender Compliance

As an industry leader delivering mission-critical technology for courts, public attorneys, and supervision officials, equivant announced today their partnership with Outreach Smartphone Monitoring (OSM) to provide direct interface capabilities with the Northpointe Suite to enable direct communication with, and improved monitoring of offenders. This new partnership helps criminal justice agencies and justice-involved people alike to track compliance details and understand expectations while monitoring overall compliance. 

The OSM app was created to reduce the stigma of outdated technology for monitoring purposes and to provide a more modern avenue to help people receive more positive reinforcement from being compliant with monitoring requirements. By removing the hardware of old technology and replacing it with modern technology that offenders already own and use every day, OSM is changing the view offenders have and their willingness to comply with monitoring requirements.

“The OSM and Northpointe Suite interface automatically updates the offender’s risk profile with details on GPS monitoring, blood alcohol monitoring, violations, and more,” says Mike Kingery, OSM’s CEO. “With more information available to supervision officers, this interface can help decrease recidivism and create better, more productive members of society by customizing monitoring solutions for every risk level.”

Starting with the June 2017 Northpointe Suite release, equivant customers can choose to receive offender data from the OSM app to enable smart supervision and can view the outcomes and direct notifications associated to each person using the app.

“We are very excited to partner with OSM and have the opportunity to offer a comprehensive view of offender compliance to our customers,” says Becky Kelderhouse, General Manager – Supervision at equivant. “OSM provides a very innovative solution and we believe this is the future of stronger compliance methodologies - it’s a win/win for everyone involved.”

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