Franklin County (OH) Goes Live with CourtView JusticeFiling

March 28, 2017 – Canton, OH –– As an industry leader of integrated case management systems for courts, prosecutors, and other justice agencies, equivant has announced today that Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk in Columbus, Ohio is live with CourtView JusticeFiling.

JusticeFiling is a complete, scalable electronic filing solution that lets attorneys, self-represented litigants, and partner agencies electronically submit documents and new cases or matters to the court – anytime and from anywhere. All that’s needed is an internet connection and authorization to file, and JusticeFiling takes care of the rest.

“JusticeFiling will ultimately change the way the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk’s Office conducts its business,” said Clerk Lori M. Tyack. Tyack also stated that “this new electronic filing process will allow for real time access to official case documents, making them available to judges, court staff and case participants.”

n phase one of the electronic filing pilot program, the City Attorney will file tax-related complaints electronically in lieu of traveling to the Clerk’s Office to provide paper copies. “This is a more user-friendly process which will eliminate the number of documents that need to be scanned into our case management system at a later date” said Tyack.

Phase two of the E-Filing project will extend online filing to other government agencies as well as attorneys and pro se litigants. Tyack emphasized that the goal of electronic filing is “to make it easier to file documents with the court.”

“JusticeFiling has a simple and friendly interface for both filers and reviewers which makes a quick and easy submission process for new and subsequent authorized filings,” says Jeffrey Harmon, equivant General Manager. “We are happy to support the Franklin County Municipal Court as it enhances service to its community by offering electronic filing to its partners and citizens throughout Columbus, Ohio.”

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