What does this service include?
You will receive an email notification anytime there is docket or hearing update for your cases. In addition, you will receive a calendar entry of all your hearings scheduled with the court. You will be able to view the calendar feed on your email or mobile device.

I subscribed to the service and made my payment. Am I done?
No, you will need to configure your iCal settings and input your iCal feed into the your calendar program if you wish to have your calendar update.

Is the calendar feed only for my account?
No, you may share your calendar feed with anyone in your office.

What is an iCal Feed?
Many of us utilize electronic calendars, on our computers and/or smartphones. Most of these calendaring applications support the automatic updates from "iCal" feeds. So rather than manually adding hearings to your calendar, utilize technology to do that for you.

Is this similar to eFiling?
No, you will not be able to file or update cases with this subscription. However, you will receive notifications anytime the court has taken action on a case for a party that you represent.

Will I receive notifications for all transactions on my case?
You will receive notifications for a majority of the information. Each court has the ability to exclude certain information.

What courts are included in the service?
The myCV2Go services supports all the following courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  1. Boston Municipal Courts
  2. District Courts
  3. Housing Courts
  4. Juvenile Courts
  5. Land Courts
  6. Probate and Family Courts
  7. Superior Courts

Does this include the Federal Courts?
No, this service is not currently supporting the Federal Courts.


U.S. Pat. No. 9,292,890
CV2Go is a product of CourtView Justice Solutions, Inc. The CV2Go subscription service is offered in cooperation with participating courts. Subscribers are notified about case information as determined by the court(s) to which they subscribe. Internet connection is required to receive updates through CV2Go.

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