Community Supervision Officer

At several points along the path to justice, supervision is the best option for an individual to retain their freedom while fulfilling court orders. Whether pretrial, in a treatment court setting, post-conviction, or following incarceration, you must balance advocacy and assistance with ensuring compliance and public safety. It’s up to you to understand individual risks and needs, make recommendations for supervision, and manage activities in the best interest of all concerned.

As equal parts case manager and supervisor, you need a wide range of tools to help you stay on top of your caseload and achieve your goals. At equivant, we’ve made it our business to understand offenders from the inside out and offer the research, training, and technologies you need.


Northpointe COMPAS

COMPAS Core is designed for offenders recently removed from the community or currently in the community.

Northpointe Suite

The Northpointe Suite software system is an integrated web-based assessment and case management system.

ShowCase iDMS

The ShowCase iDMS integrates with CourtView Case Management Solutions to securely share content with all users.

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