Court Administrator

Your job is a global one; equal parts strategist, manager, and heads-down doer. You ask the tough questions, answer even tougher ones, and demonstrate 21st century possibilities in your court’s forward-thinking policies, procedures, and practices. You make it your business to understand the intricacies of your court and you ensure that its business is properly and efficiently carried out -- all day, every day.

From calendars to computers to budgets and human resources, operations depend on you and you depend on experts who can help implement your vision. At equivant, you’ve found a partner you can count on.


JWorks Case Information Management

JWorks puts the power of case information management in your hands. Right where it belongs.

Payment Processing

Seamlessly integrate with your Case Management System (CMS) for easy back-end reconciliation & automatic updates to court cases.

ShowCase iDMS

The ShowCase iDMS integrates with CourtView Case Management Solutions to securely share content with all users.

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