Judicial Officer

As a leader of your court, staff and citizens alike depend on your expertise and professional judgment to interpret and apply the law, assess the evidence, model propriety, and ensure fair, equitable, and timely decisions that facilitate justice. You are the “trier of fact” and those facts must be readily available, logically presented, and easily navigated to support interpretation, case formulation, and prudent decision-making.

Whether assessing risk to public safety or considering barriers to justice, you need a 360-degree view of cases, participants, activities, and possible remedies, interventions, and outcomes for those you serve. At equivant, we address these challenges head-on.


JWorks Case Information Management

JWorks puts the power of case information management in your hands. Right where it belongs.

Judicial Tools

Judicial Tools provides judicial officers with a way to better manage cases.

JWorks for Attorneys

JWorks Attorney is a new District Attorney & Public Defender case management system

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