Sheriff / Jail Administrator

It’s up to you to keep the peace, enforce the law, and protect the rights of the People in your courtrooms and within your county. Every day, you’re working to strengthen partnerships while constantly adapting to the changing needs of your fellow justice stakeholders and citizens – facing enormous challenges along the way. With an emphasis on de‐institutionalization, crowding reduction, inmate and officer safety, and more efficient utilization of limited space and services, you must develop an array of alternative institutional and community services.

To support the growing need for more sophisticated classification techniques and risk-need-responsivity tools, equivant offers a wide range of services and systems for operating modern, efficient, and safe facilities.


COMPAS Classification

COMPAS Classification provides the best in critical inmate management decision support.

Guidelines for Implementing an Objective Classification System

In the area of Jail Inmate Classification, two large scale technology transfer experiments are currently underway.

The Importance of Inmate Classification in Small Jails

Any excuse for not conducting rigorous classification in small jails are rapidly disappearing.

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