Treatment Docket Team

Proving that “it takes a village”, the great success of treatment dockets is in no small part due to the dedication of teams like yours. From supervision officer to case manager to docket coordinator and ultimately your judge, every member is instrumental in helping offenders turn their lives around. Your emphasis on collaboration with attorneys, treatment providers, law enforcement and other agencies underscores your commitment to help individuals and entire communities.

It all begins by understanding what contributes to behavior and motivates lasting change to ensure that your practices align with the research on reducing recidivism. When case plans and activities are based on individual risks and needs, meaningful intervention is possible. At equivant, we care like you do.


Northpointe Specialty Courts

Northpointe Specialty Court is an integrated software solution managing all offender processing and case/court activities.

ShowCase iDMS

The ShowCase iDMS integrates with CourtView Case Management Solutions to securely share content with all users.

Judicial Tools

Judicial Tools provides judicial officers with a way to better manage cases.

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