Clerk of Courts

Your duties extend well beyond “recordkeeping”; you are not only custodian of the court’s records, but accountant, public liaison, jury assembler, license issuer, and customer lifeline, to name just a few. When someone has a question, you field it; if support is needed somewhere in the courthouse (or beyond) you provide it. And when it comes time to help your court meet its operational challenges, you are right there, often leading the way.

The efficiency of your office is essential to running your court and it just makes sense to have all the right tools for the job. Over the past several decades, equivant has been instrumental in helping courts manage every aspect of their business.


JWorks Case Information Management

JWorks puts the power of case information management in your hands. Right where it belongs.

eServices Suite

Our eServices Suite is a collection of integrated applications to help you provide services to the community.

ShowCase iDMS

The ShowCase iDMS integrates with CourtView Case Management Solutions to securely share content with all users.

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