District Attorney

As a member of the prosecuting attorney’s team you have a unique opportunity to influence justice because you, alone, touch every other part of the justice system. Whether as chief, deputy, investigator, advocate, or administrator, seeking the truth and holding those who commit crimes accountable are your foremost goals. More than ever, crime control strategy and problem-solving also top your list to ensure that your community’s broader priorities are realized.

To achieve those goals, equivant understands that you must gather facts and analyze evidence, whatever their source, as efficiently and reliably as possible in order to support both individual case management and your overall office.


JWorks for Attorneys

JWorks Attorney is a new District Attorney & Public Defender case management system

CV2Go Attorney

CV2Go is a notification subscription service that automatically informs attorneys with updates to their cases and calendars.

Northpointe Pretrial

Use Northpointe Pretrial to assess offender risk to public safety if released to the community.

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