ShowCase Case Management

From initial filing through final resolution, our ShowCase Case Management System informs, notifies, and routes information as needed based on the rules of your court. With efficient intake, smart docketing, flexible calendaring, quick imaging, complete financials, automatic indexing, and extensive search capabilities, ShowCase keeps your cases moving and your staff working at peak efficiency. Whether you maintain the official record for the Clerk or manage caseflow and guidelines for the Court, you won’t find another CMS that even comes close to ShowCase.

ShowCase powers court maintenance and management for some of the most progressive counties in Florida including Collier, Duval, Lake, Palm Beach, and Polk. It is configured for Florida laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges out of the box and features automated workflow, document management, image queueing, in-court processing, and exchanges for all state-mandated reports including OBTS, TCATS, SRS, CCIS, and Article V. ShowCase has a full suite of public-facing components to support inquiry and payment processing, and is seamlessly integrates with the Florida Courts eFiling Portal.

 Complementary Products:

ShowCase Case Management

Florida Ready

Configured for Florida laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges out of the box. ShowCase modernizes your court with its sophisticated yet straightforward design and ability to adapt to your ever-evolving needs.

Direct Your Cases

Accept filings electronically or manually and automatically route documents and tasks to appropriate queues for review, edits, approval, signature, follow up, etc. You can customize your caseflow to reflect your unique rules, decision points, deadlines, and responsibilities and quickly remove bottlenecks by redirecting work to staff as needed. 

Eliminate Steps

Launch multiple processes with a single action; for instance, docket on one or more cases simultaneously and scan and distribute work automatically or generate bar codes for batch scanning downstream. In the courtroom, capture every activity as it happens with quick navigation and simple one-button updates.

Paper Only If You Want It

Manage all incoming and outgoing documents by case, name, and related activity. You can easily produce simple or complex forms, notices, and correspondence and merge any field or table in ShowCase with your documents. Signatures are captured real-time on just about any mobile device or can be securely stored and affixed as needed.

Manage the Money

Automatically assess all fees and penalties, create receivables, take payments of all types, manage restitution and over-payments, and balance your accounts. You can even set thresholds for late payments and automatically trigger exchanges with outside agencies for collections.

Improve Access to Justice

Provide case information to the public, your attorneys, and authorized agencies through a secure, easy-to-use web portal. Records and documents can be sealed, expunged, and redacted in whole or in part prior to publishing, and access is further restricted by case type, document type, or other criteria as determined by the court.


ShowCase Case Management

ShowCase keeps your cases moving and your staff working at peak efficiency with quick and easy information updates.

ShowCase ICP

Reduce the turnaround time to update the CMS with actions captured in-court.

ShowCase iDMS

The ShowCase iDMS integrates with CourtView Case Management Solutions to securely share content with all users.

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