Case Management for Attorneys

JWorks is a powerful solution for both prosecutors and public defenders. Its configurable design means that it easily adapts to your office structure and preferences, streamlining tasks and driving efficiencies. JWorks Prosecutor is for state, county, and city attorneys, and for general counsel of environmental regulations. It handles all referral types and incoming notices of violation, and automatically assigns tasks and routes work as prescribed by you. Each unit or department can manage their own cases and link them to others, or work in a common case with secure controls over updates and views. JWorks Defender is designed for the high-volume caseload managed by public defender offices everywhere. It facilitates every step from assignment to disposition through its automated workflow engine and a responsive design that lets you manage client cases from anywhere. Your files can be maintained completely online so paper is generated only when you absolutely need it.

JWorks is browser-based and scalable for small jurisdictions through statewide implementations, and can be installed on premise or securely hosted using Amazon Web Services. JWorks is built on the java framework so it’s not constrained by database, browser, or operating system.

Case Management for Attorneys

Case Intake & Maintenance

Quickly process cases through all steps from referral to disposition

Offers & Negotiations

Manage charges at every phase and track offers tied to any charge

Calendars & Scheduling

Create and view events of any type and for any circumstance

Grant Tracking

Create your own data elements for unique grant requirements

Targeted Data Searches

Find information quickly and link right into more details

Document Management

Index and organize files and manage collections for Discovery

Workflow Management

Manage how resources are utilized and track task assignment

Built-In Screen Designer

Create screens, add fields, embed reports, and link to other systems

Personalized Dashboards

Arrange reports, charts, graphs, and other tools for instant access


JWorks for Attorneys

JWorks Attorney is a new District Attorney & Public Defender case management system

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