Case Management for Courts

No matter what mix of cases you manage, we have the right system for you. Our CourtView CMS is a functional powerhouse, with advanced capabilities that reflect our work with many of the nation’s most progressive courts. It's built on a solid foundation of accounting, case processing, calendaring, identity handling, and document management that is unsurpassed in the industry. For courts interested in customizing screen layouts and workflow rules, our JWorks CMS gives your court the tools to design a more personalized solution. JWorks includes core CMS components and uses the latest technologies to automate caseflow, task assignment, keyword searches, and other aspects of your operation. Its responsive design ensures access on any device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For Florida counties, our ShowCase CMS is ready for your State's specific laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges.

JWorks and CourtView are browser-based and scalable for single jurisdictions through statewide implementations, and can be installed on premise or securely hosted using Amazon Web Services. They are built on the java framework so they’re not constrained by database, browser, or operating system.

Click here to check out our Florida-ready ShowCase CMS. 

Case Management for Courts

Case Intake & Tracking

Quickly process cases through all steps from initiation to resolution 

Financials & Accounting

Automatically calculate fines, costs, and fees, and manage distributions

Calendars & Scheduling

Create and view court dockets for any type or circumstance


Court Administration

Manage all types of resources and monitor activities and progress

Targeted Data Searches

Find information quickly and link right into more details 

Document Management

Index and organize files to cases, names, and activities

Workflow Management

Control differentiated caseflow tracks and manage task assignment

Built-In Screen Designer

Create screens, add fields, embed reports, and link to other systems

Personalized Dashboards

Arrange reports, charts, graphs, and other tools for instant access


JWorks Case Information Management

JWorks puts the power of case information management in your hands. Right where it belongs.

CourtView Case Management

Web-based case management solution for courts

Northpointe Specialty Courts

Northpointe Specialty Court is an integrated software solution managing all offender processing and case/court activities.

Judicial Tools

Judicial Tools provides judicial officers with a way to better manage cases.


Electronically receive documents and new case requests from attorneys and other justice agencies.

Payment Processing

Seamlessly integrate with your Case Management System (CMS) for easy back-end reconciliation & automatic updates to court cases.

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