Case Management for Supervision

With our Northpointe Suite, you can use the COMPAS risk and needs assessment to take a “retrospective” look at risk and needs factors for making treatment and supervision decisions (at intake and during community supervision). You can also look at “prospective” risk and needs for persons transitioning back into the community from incarceration.

Once assessment is complete, use the integrated case plan tool to develop case plans or “road maps” for behavioral change that are responsive and target a prioritized list of criminogenic needs. Create (or select) appropriate goals for each domain of criminogenic need. Within each goal, create (or select) the specific activities that must be accomplished in order to achieve the goal.

With a road map for behavior change in place, use the integrated case manager tool to document, track, manage and report any and all content of a “supervision plan” designed using the activities, terms and conditions defined by your courts or other supervising agency. Behavior, rewards, compliance, violations, drug testing, contact logs, sanctions, court appearances, supervision level and much more can all be managed within the Northpointe Suite.

The Northpointe Suite is applicable to offenders, at all levels of offending, and any phase of the criminal justice process. It is fully web-based and Windows compliant.

Case Management for Supervision

COMPAS Risk & Needs Assessments - Core (Gender Neutral Adults)

Designed for both male and female offenders recently removed from the community or currently in the community. COMPAS Core takes a “retrospective” look at risk and needs factors for placing and supervising the offender in the community.

COMPAS Risk & Needs Assessments - Reentry

COMPAS Reentry takes a “prospective” look at both the male and female populations in assessing the risks and needs of offenders preparing to leave incarceration and transition back into the community.

COMPAS Risk & Needs Assessments - WRNA (Women)

COMPAS Women, used in conjunction with gender neutral Core and Reentry scales, is a complete set of Gender-sensitive scales that is integrated into the COMPAS assessment procedures.

COMPAS Risk & Needs Assessments - Youth

Designed for delinquent youth ages 12 to 17, COMPAS Youth takes advantage of recent research on the predictors and needs factors most strongly linked to juvenile delinquent behavior.

Northpointe Risk Pre-screener

COMPAS Pre-screener is a short 5 item risk of general recidivism scale principally used in higher volume agencies needing a quick “triage” screener to determine who the higher risk offenders are for conducting a more in depth risk and needs assessment.

Northpointe Ad Hoc Reports

Give line staff, managers, and administrators easy access to all of the data fields in the system across all licensed software titles in the COMPAS suite.


Northpointe Suite

The Northpointe Suite software system is an integrated web-based assessment and case management system.

Northpointe Pretrial

Use Northpointe Pretrial to assess offender risk to public safety if released to the community.

Northpointe Specialty Courts

Northpointe Specialty Court is an integrated software solution managing all offender processing and case/court activities.

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