COMPAS Classification

The COMPAS Classification software is a management support tool that can be interfaced with existing jail management systems to provide critical inmate management information to help support all aspects of a jail’s classification operations.

Features found in the COMPAS Classification software include:

  • Classification – Decision Tree Primary Classification and Reclassification Instruments
  • NIJ Mental Health Screening & Brief Jail Mental Health Screening
  • PREA Assessment and After-Action Plan
  • Inmate Housing Management
  • Inmate Discipline
  • Gang Tracking
  • Inmate Programs Management
  • Inmate Complaint/Grievance Management
  • Reporting
COMPAS Classification

Operations Management

COMPAS Classification provides comprehensive support for all aspects of your jail’s classification unit operations.

Inmate Decision Support

Northpointe’s objective and nationally recognized and accepted classification decision tree instruments are fully automated with appropriate information displayed to answer each risk split, track overrides and automatically set review dates.

Dashboards and Ad Hoc Reporting

The robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities of the COMPAS Software put vital data at the fingertips of classification staff and administrators.

Classification Operations Management

The Classification Summary page provides the user with details specific to the inmate and the current incarceration. Those details can be used to make management decisions including housing, programming, and community corrections placement.

National Recognized Decision Tree Model

The classification instruments are fully automated with appropriate information displayed to answer each risk split. The classification officer can seamlessly add criminal history, disciplinary history alert flags and holds/detainers while conducting the classification. 

Housing Management

List all available housing matching the inmate’s classification level, all special needs beds or all available beds in the system. The system warns the officer if an inmate is being placed in a cell with known enemies, codefendants or the cell’s designation does not match the classification level.

9-Level Primary Decision Tree Instrument and Instructions

An explanation of decision splits for 9 Custody Level Primary JlCS Classification Instrument and instructions.

Click here to download.

Aggravating & Mitigating Reclassification Instrument and Instructions

At the time of an inmate's classification review it may be determined that a reclassification of the current custody assignment is necessary, which falls into one of two categories: aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

Click here to download the instrument and instructions.

Background & Design Logic for Decision Tree Instruments

The information generated from the classification trees produce rich inmate characteristics data for the jail in support of planning, management and policy development that go beyond the traditional security classification designations.

Click here to download the Background & Design Logic document.


COMPAS Classification

COMPAS Classification provides the best in critical inmate management decision support.

Guidelines for Implementing an Objective Classification System

In the area of Jail Inmate Classification, two large scale technology transfer experiments are currently underway.

The Importance of Inmate Classification in Small Jails

Any excuse for not conducting rigorous classification in small jails are rapidly disappearing.

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