Addressing the Mental Health Crisis, One Person at a Time

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis, One Person at a Time

Mental illness in the criminal justice system is an issue that isn’t going away anytime soon. Many jurisdictions are making headway, and yet, systemic change takes time.

Let’s work toward big change, and let’s also make small adjustments along the way. Let’s be in this for the long haul while also making small steps. Let’s focus on the system while also focusing on the individuals.

For most justice practitioners, finding ways to help justice-involved people with mental health issues is a daily struggle. The Northpointe Suite can help.

Our fully integrated library of mental health screeners:

  • Can be used alongside risk and needs assessments to assist in identifying individuals with higher clinical needs.
  • Includes screeners for everyone—youth and adults, veterans and civilians, whoever walks through your door.
  • Provides essential insights for effectively identifying and managing individuals’ needs both inside and outside facilities.
  • Helps you screen for potential root causes of some mental health issues, including child abuse and neglect, childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress, and more.
  • Includes the ability to screen for suicidal ideation or behavior.

One person at a time. Day in and day out, just one more way each of us can work toward improved mental health in our justice system and our communities.

Let’s do this together. The equivant team is here to help. Many of our experienced practitioners have firsthand experience working with high-risk individuals and those with mental health challenges, and we know how important it is to understand each individual’s needs.

Contact us today to talk about your jurisdiction’s needs or for a free demo of The Northpointe Suite’s tools for working with mental health.