Case Management Must-Haves for Busy Teams

Case Management Must-Haves for Busy Teams

Your team is busy. They’re on-the-go. They’re working in nontraditional ways. Some of the individuals and agencies you’re working with are staying remote. You need case management that’s as adaptable as you are.

When you’re looking for case management that’s forward-thinking and flexible, here are the top 5 must-haves for your busy team:

  1. Cloud hosting. You need your data to be accessible from anywhere, and your team needs to be able to interact with the tool and the data remotely.
  2. Remote support. It’s not efficient or cost-effective for your technology partner to send out a person or team when you hit a snag in your operations. Working with a team that balances a high degree of remote support capability with the right amount of in-person interaction can make all the difference when you need help.
  3. Mobile friendly. Your case management system should be fully accessible with nothing but a tablet and wifi. Your team needs to be mobile to do their jobs effectively, and your tools need to support them wherever they are.
  4. SMS reminders. Automated reminders are essential for most teams, and automated reminders that are sent right to your phone are next-level. Make sure your team can stay on track with their timelines, deadlines, and milestones with text reminders.
  5. Real-time updates. Gone are the days of everyone working in the same place and connecting on cases in person. Cases are too complex and your team is too busy to rely on word-of-mouth updates. For your team to work on-the-go, they need information updates in real-time from all parties involved in the case, even if they’re not at your agency.

New ways of working mean new sets of needs for your team, and when you have the right technology, it’s right there with you through everything that comes your way.

If you want to have all of these must-haves and more in a single tool, check out the Northpointe Suite. Our team of experienced practitioners has been in your shoes and are ready to walk you through a free demo to talk through your needs. Give us a call today.