Classification Works in Criminal Justice: Here’s Why

COMPAS Classification   •   An equivant product

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Join us as we talk to Dr. Tim Brennan, Northpointe co-founder and expert criminologist, for exclusive insights from one of the groundbreaking scholars in the criminal justice field. Dr. Brennan takes decades of research and simplifies it into practical, actionable information that justice professionals can start using on-the-job immediately. In this video, Dr. Brennan discusses:

  • The science behind why inmate classification works
  • The three fundamental parts of the decision-making process in criminal justice and how they can work together for better outcomes

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Exclusively for Professional Development:

The Justice Corner video series is developed not only for justice professionals looking to up-skill, but also for teams who are advancing their practice together. After watching the COMPAS Classification episode with your team, use the following discussion-starters:

  • The more we know about our population, the better we can keep them, ourselves, and our communities safe. What are some ways we’ve seen this work? When did increasing our understanding of our population pay off? What were the positive outcomes?
  • How are we using the three phases of decision-making (data collection, interpretation and action)? Are we doing all three? Are we doing all three effectively? What are we doing that works? Where could we improve?
  • Let’s talk about COMPAS.
    • If you’re already using COMPAS: Are we using this tool to its fullest potential? Are we focusing on both risks and needs? What are some ways we can use our new understanding of COMPAS’ data quality tests and validation process? What other questions do we have for our equivant partners?
    • If you’re not using COMPAS yet: What are our key takeaways about COMPAS and classification after watching this video? What strengths and weaknesses do we see in our current approach? What are our next steps toward keeping our community safer by integrating risk/needs assessment into our decision-making?
  • What resonated with you most in this video? What’s the most impactful change you personally or our agency as a whole could make to improve outcomes?

Want to learn more about COMPAS? Want help taking your agency’s decision-making to the next level? Get in touch today.