Managing court processes has become increasingly complex. You need one central hub of information that pulls from all the agencies involved and provides a personalized 360-degree view. Logistical and data roadblocks are a thing of the past.


When you have a case management system that actually manages your cases, you can focus on what’s important: advancing justice. equivant understands that comprehensive case management means giving the right people the right tools at the right time to log, manage, and track all types of cases across their lifecycle.



JWorks for Courts

JWorks puts the power of managing court information in your hands – where it belongs. Equal parts case, matter, participant, financial, and event management, JWorks serves up the information you need, when and how you need it.


Northpointe Suite Risk/Needs Assessments

COMPAS Risk/Needs Assessments allows you to easily select any combination of its 22 risk and needs scales to effectively and efficiently inform decisions.


Northpointe Suite Specialty Court

Northpointe Specialty Courts is an integrated software solution that manages all participant processing and case/court activities. It’s completely scalable, affordable, and applicable for all types of treatment-focused dockets – from small, single-user systems to statewide implementations – and it easily interfaces with other case management systems for a seamless, easy-to-use solution.


Northpointe Suite Pretrial

A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain an offender before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial provides the relevant data to help inform release decisions and decisions regarding the conditions of the release.

eFiling is a complete, scalable electronic filing solution that lets attorneys, self-represented litigants, and other agencies electronically submit documents and new cases or matters to the court – anytime and from anywhere. All that’s needed is an internet connection and authorization to file, and eFiling takes care of the rest.

ODR is integrated with our CMS to help citizens resolve ticket, warrant, family, and small claims matters without the hassles and cost of in-person hearings.

Our automated reminder system provides cloud-based interactive voice and text response systems (IVR/ITR) for integrating reminders, notifications, and alerts with our suite of our equivant solutions.
equivant’s integration with CourtCall’s Remote Court Appearance Platform will securely share and save files for any virtual appearance to the Court Case Management system. This user-friendly platform is based on what actually happens in the courtroom and can be customized by each court and each judge.
equivant’s IJIS Broker shares information between justice agencies all over the United States and Australia. The framework uses an open standards platform to provide secure access to information in justice systems throughout the enterprise and natively processes GJXDM, NIEM, XBRL and ECF-based transactions, and can easily import/export other metadata formats such as comma delimited files.
Our eAccess stands apart from other public access solutions by providing a unique tool kit that lets you create information portals for specific user groups like the general public, attorneys of record, probation officers, law enforcement, etc. Each portal can be completely tailored to extend more or less information depending on the users authorized for access.
eNotices, our ‘greenest’ plug-in, eliminates print-related materials from your forms and notice generation with the touch of a button.
Remove hardware headaches and focus on your day-to-day operations by hosting your applications with equivant and Amazon Web Services. All your agency’s data is protected within a secure and hardened infrastructure.
Judicial Tools provides judicial officers with a way to better manage cases and workload whether in chambers, on the bench, or remotely. Judicial Tools considers all phases of cases as they move into and through the court system – from the moment a new case is received and assigned through final post-sentence monitoring.
Our ePay solution lets your constituents make payments electronically, through the convenience of the web. Case, cost, and fee types on which payment can be made are completely configurable and you control whether surcharges or convenience fees are added, and for what.
Store and retrieve all electronic media associated with a case including documents, email, images, video, audio, and more, in a centralized location.
Quickly check for conflicts and calendar overlaps, stay up to date across multiple participating courts on all devices, and consolidate workflows with our eServices Suite Calendars.