Case Information Delivered –
when you need it, wherever you happen to be

As a crusader for justice, you have a lot going on – all day, every day. Even when your world revolves around fairly routine legal matters, much of your time is devoted to staying on top of the latest filings, events, and decisions for every client you represent. To tell the truth, if you could pitch a tent at the courthouse or install a direct-line between yourself and the courts you probably would, right? Well, we admire your steadfast dedication to the practice of law – and we got to thinking about how much more you might accomplish, both professionally and personally, if you could only spend less time chasing down case information…

So on behalf of citizens (and loved ones) everywhere, we bring you CV2Go* – an automated service that extends your own arms, ears, and eyes by delivering information about case activities and updates directly to you, no matter where you happen to be! We like to think of it as the next best thing to being at the court in person, pouring over stacks of files and sticky notes, or implanting a telephone directly in your ear. And it’s probably the easiest thing you’ll do today – just spend a few quick minutes to register, and CV2Go will take it from there!

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Case Notifications

Save valuable time by subscribing to updates from participating court(s) through the CV2Go service to be notified about changes to your cases . It’s easy to register individually or on behalf of your law firm, then assign a single account manager for the entire group.

Popular Calendar Feeds

Stay up-to-date with court events as they are scheduled, continued, reset, reassigned, or changed in any way. Plus – your court calendar can be synced with your personal calendar making it easy to check for conflicts whether across cases, locations, or personal activities.

Mobile Device-Friendly

Automatically receive case and calendar updates on your mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, Androids, etc. No matter where you go or the device you choose, you’ll always stay connected*.

Affordable and Economical

Since we all know that time is money, CV2Go pays for itself right away! The $300 annual subscription fee is discounted even further when you register multiple attorneys within the same firm

U.S. Pat. No. 9,292,890
* CV2Go is a product of CourtView Justice Solutions, Inc. The CV2Go subscription service is offered in cooperation with participating courts. Subscribers are notified about case information as determined by the court(s) to which they subscribe. Internet connection is required to receive updates through CV2Go.