Part 1: Defining Your New Normal – Offline and Online

Defining Your New Normal - Offline and Online

For three years, the pandemic has dramatically shifted the way in which we work, forcing agencies throughout the country to conform to new virtual operations. But how can operations that are so dependent on human interaction thrive in a virtual reality?

As the justice landscape continues to adjust, many of the areas and functions of the Northpointe Suite have adapted to online accessibility. Available from both live and/or virtual platforms, the Northpointe Suite is equipped with features that enable you to streamline your agency’s operations and efficiencies, even in a remote environment.

Four Functions that Make Virtual Operations Easier

Here are some functions that make it easier for you to run safe, smooth, virtual operations:

  • Web-based: Access the software from anywhere you have access to the internet, based on your security settings.
  • Assessment and Screenings: The Northpointe Suite features certain assessments and screening tools that can be conducted virtually, eliminating the need for only strict face-to-face interviews to collect relevant data and information.
  • Streamline Notifications: Easily send text messages and emails to clients with notifications and reminders on hearings, appointments, court dates, and more.
  • Printing Capabilities: Easily print off paper copies of any configured assessment and licensed alternative screener from any location, so you have access to all of the necessary information at all times.

As you look for the best ways to adapt virtual operations into your everyday processes, we’re here to help you navigate the journey.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Northpointe Suite can accommodate the virtual needs of your agency.