Get your head in the clouds… and your CMS, too

Get your head in the clouds… and your CMS, too

When your team needs real-time access to their records, they need it immediately. The pace of our work continues to ramp up, and having case management information and tools available wherever your staff is located is critical for improving efficiency and accuracy.

Your team is mobile, and your case management system (CMS) should be, too.

When your CMS is hosted on a cloud-based platform, having access to wifi and a tablet are the only things your team needs to provide them with the information they need, no matter where the job takes them.

With the Northpointe Suite, cloud hosting not only helps you work more efficiently, but it also helps us support you better.

With Northpointe Suite (NPS) on a tablet, you can:

  • Integrate numerous agencies under one web-hosted location for seamless data sharing.
  • Support your team wherever they are, letting them record case activities, consult their notes, and check case information, and more in real-time.
  • Ensure everyone has the data they need to support case management and inform each case-based decision.
  • Give staff access to supervisor approval queues remotely to keep work moving regardless of physical locations.
  • Email reports, notes, and other data to courts and other agencies directly from NPS.

Your equivant support team can:

  • Push product updates in real-time, saving you time and money.
  • Remotely diagnose issues and research log entries without VPN access or IT intervention.

With a mobile CMS, you have better outcomes for your community at your fingertips. Get started today with the Northpointe Suite. Our team of practitioners can help you find the products and support that are right for you and your on-the-go team. Contact us today.