Integration & Data-Sharing

Timely, accurate data is critical to your agency’s operations and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A fully integrated justice information system is a confederation of public safety, justice, homeland security, and health and human service entities whose data, together, forms a more complete and accurate picture of incidents, involved persons, related circumstances, and outcomes. equivant’s IJIS Broker securely facilitates this information exchange regardless of the architecture or capabilities of partner systems and without the need for expensive third-party connectors or adapters.



  • Business Process Driven
  • Open-Standards Platform
  • Metadata Imports & Exports
  • Exposed API Libraries


  • Justice Practitioners
  • Agency Technologists



Agency Exchanges & Portals

Share information securely, accurately, and efficiently with all the agencies in your network with equivant’s Agency Exchanges & Portals. Our product is like a universal adaptor for data systems. No matter what language your system or others are using, it works seamlessly across environments to ensure users on all ends have the data they need.

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Computerized Criminal History

Criminal records, or “rap sheets,” are compiled and managed by State police or public safety agencies across the nation. These repositories contain arrest and criminal case information of justice-involved individuals, and they are most often used to support operations and research within justices agencies and to inform background checks, firearm purchases, employment screening, and other needs of public and private organizations. For more than twenty years, equivant has provided consulting and development of computerized criminal history (CCH) systems in support of initiatives that reduce recidivism and increase public safety.

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Offender Registries

In the U.S., all 50 states and the District of Columbia manage offender registry systems, the most common being sexual and violent offender registries. These are often coupled with victim notification services and are intended to enhance public safety by providing an additional resource to practitioners and victims. Whether public or private, it’s critical that these systems comply with state and federal standards that govern how data is collected, managed, and used. Our registry system solutions are standards-compliant and can be expanded or customized to address any type of registry your state requires.

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Court Case Management

JWorks for Courts

Your court workflow should work for you. The JWorks CMS is a customized solution for your court that automates your operations without excess features that get in the way of efficient business processes. The responsive design works across all devices, so all of your stakeholders can access the information they need any time, any place.

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JWorks for Attorneys

Prosecutors and public defenders operate at a major intersection of the justice system, with a wide range of contacts and systems that can often feel disconnected and disorganized. JWorks for Attorneys is a software that streamlines your tasks, referrals, and caseloads. You can differentiate or link departments and track data and documents online from any device. High-volume case loads become manageable with solutions that can securely scale to fit your organization.

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