JWorks for Courts Case Management System

Your court workflow should work for you. The JWorks for Courts case management system (CMS) is a very modern, highly-configurable solution that automates all Clerk and Court operations without hardcoded features that get in the way of efficient business processes. Powered by your case and workflow, JWorks automatically sets tasks, events, and reminders and even lets you design screens and logic that work for your court’s unique processes and requirements. Its responsive design means that it performs equally well on any device, so your stakeholders can access and manage the information they need any time, any place. JWorks supports general and limited jurisdiction courts and provides a strong foundation for an integrated system that can conform to/with the National Court Component Model.



  • Case and Workflow Management
  • Customizable Screen and Rules Design
  • Personalized Dashboards and Layouts
  • Exposed API Library
  • Flexible Electronic Filing Cabinet
  • Secure Public-Facing Services
  • Supports All Functions of the Clerk and Court


  • Clerks of Court
  • Judicial Officers
  • Court and Clerk Administrators
  • CIO/Technologists


JWorks is a new type of case management system, where flexibility and intelligence intersect to create a powerful and seamless information management environment in your court. With its core workflow and adaptable rules engine, JWorks automates every case no matter how diverse, involved, or simple.

JWorks includes a workflow configurator that enables users to establish milestones, events, and timing that are set to a specific trigger. Specific responsibilities and task deadlines are then handled by the workflow engine. Rules can be established within the configurator so that workflow will automatically update changes in case status, schedules, set alerts, or generate warrants based on specific triggers such as Failure to Appear.

JWorks incorporates a robust, “Google-like,” search engine which allows users to search an unlimited variety of criteria across all types of fields. Users may enter a value and JWorks will present all returns in which that value was identified including name field, case number, notes, and other documents.

With JWorks you won’t have to. JWorks includes a wide variety of robust financial and case management reports that courts, attorneys, or Judges can choose from. If additional reports are desired, JWorks allows users to either build and run their own reports directly or utilize their preferred report writing application.

Yes! JWorks utilizes common API protocols which seamlessly allow integration with most 3rd party applications.

One of the unique advantages of JWorks is its ability to be configured to meet the specific needs of all users within your organization. JWorks utilizes role base user privileges to allow each user to customize their screens to access the data that’s relevant to them. Data panels can be configured for each screen based on user preference along with security authorization to allow them to access data or features which only they are approved for.


court case management system

Judicial Tools

Judicial Tools is a comprehensive case management tool designed specifically for judges and magistrates. From the moment a new case is received through final post-sentence monitoring, judicial officers can efficiently review, manage and update case files from anywhere, on any device. It’s the one tool your judicial team needs for effective case management and at-a-glance decision support.

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Northpointe Suite Pretrial

A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain a defendant before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial module offers a Pretrial Assessment library to support your release decisions, generate court reports, track conditions of release and supervision compliance.

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Northpointe Suite
Problem-Solving Courts

This module manages all court participant processing and case/court activities. Created specifically for problem-solving courts with Risk Need Assessments and Phase Management built right in, this solution is applicable for all types of treatment-focused dockets – from small, single-user systems to statewide implementations. It includes programs management capability and data analytics, and easily interfaces with other management systems for an easy-to-use solution.

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JWorks for Attorneys

Prosecutors operate at a major intersection of the justice system, with a wide range of contacts and systems that can often feel disconnected and disorganized. JWorks for Attorneys streamlines referrals, tasks, and caseloads, letting you differentiate or link departments and track data and documents online from any device. Powered by your case- and workflow, JWorks automatically sets events and reminders and even lets you design screens and logic that work for your office’s unique processes and requirements. Its responsive design means that it performs equally well on any device, so your stakeholders can access and manage the information they need any time, any place.

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Agency Exchanges & Portals

Timely, accurate data is critical to your agency’s operations and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A fully integrated justice information system is a confederation of public safety, justice, homeland security, and health and human service entities whose data, together, forms a more complete and accurate picture of incidents, involved persons, related circumstances, and outcomes. equivant’s IJIS Broker securely facilitates this information exchange regardless of the architecture or capabilities of partner systems and without the need for expensive third-party connectors or adapters.

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