Minimize Your Litigation Exposure with Classification

Minimize Your Litigation Exposure with Classification

When it comes to your correctional facility, doing the right thing to protect inmates and doing the reasonable thing to protect your jail are not disconnected.

Not only does classification help ensure safer housing choices and appropriate programming decisions, it should also be a critical piece of your facility’s strategy for limiting litigation exposure.

In many jurisdictions, a single lawsuit could potentially bankrupt the county. Litigation can also result in a correctional facility being placed under a consent decree, where the facility’s independence is essentially lost. The potential consequences of litigation are severe, and your entire team is responsible for limiting your facility’s risk.

What should be part of your strategy?

  • A sound classification process that’s used consistently.
  • A locally validated tool.
  • Evidence-based decision-making and documentation.
  • Specially tailored instruments for housing management, programming, and incident management.
  • And of course, a well-trained staff.

Litigation is never 100% preventable, but when your facility is focused on doing the right things to keep inmates safe, all while carefully documenting data and processes, you can minimize your litigation exposure.

Working with the right technology makes all the difference. The Northpointe Suite’s classification management tools and are built to help your team expertly manage the many elements of effective classification.

Let us help. Our team of former practitioners has been in your shoes, and we’ve helped clients protect themselves against potential litigation by getting the right processes and tools in place. Contact us today to get started on your litigation mitigation strategy.