ShowCase is the premier case maintenance software in Florida, specifically configured for Florida laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges. ShowCase automates all Clerk functions and provides a solid foundation for judicial case management too. Its SmartDocketing and InCourt Processing features are second to none and relied on by some of the biggest and most innovative counties in Florida. ShowCase seamlessly integrates with the Florida Courts eFiling Portal and complies with all Florida data repository and reporting requirements. Its capabilities are designed with your needs in mind, prioritizing flexible calendaring, quick imaging, complete financials, automatic indexing, extensive search capabilities, and public-facing inquiry and payment portals.



  • In Court Processing
  • Smart Docketing
  • Intelligent Document Management (iDMS)


  • Clerks of Court
  • Judicial Officers
  • Court Administrators
  • CIO/Technologists



ShowCase In-Court Processing

ShowCase In-Court Processing (ICP) fully automates the processing of cases in the courtroom, allowing all updates to be completed real-time while parties and participants are still gathered in one place. With ICP court/clerk staff can record all decisions, every action taken, capture signatures from all parties, and generate appropriate documents on the spot.

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ShowCase Smart Docketing

ShowCase Smart Docketing is the key that unlocks your business processes and workflow, triggering follow-on actions from a single docket entry. Rather than treating the case docket as a simple textual register of actions, Smart Docketing automates all of your unique rules and procedures, whether straightforward or complex, and is configurable by you.

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ShowCase IDMS

The ShowCase Intelligent Document Management System (iDMS) stores and retrieves all electronic media associated with a case including documents, email, images, video, audio, and more, in a centralized location. The ShowCase iDMS integrates with all equivant Court and Attorney Case Management Solutions and includes options for keyword searching, redaction, and version control.

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Judicial Tools

Judicial Tools is a comprehensive case management tool designed specifically for judges and magistrates. From the moment a new case is received through final post-sentence monitoring, judicial officers can efficiently review, manage and update case files from anywhere, on any device. It’s the one tool your judicial team needs for effective case management and at-a-glance decision support.

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Northpointe Suite Pretrial

A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain a defendant before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial module offers a Pretrial Assessment library to support your release decisions, generate court reports, track conditions of release and supervision compliance.

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Northpointe Suite
Problem-Solving Courts

This module manages all court participant processing and case/court activities. Created specifically for problem-solving courts with Risk Need Assessments and Phase Management built right in, this solution is applicable for all types of treatment-focused dockets – from small, single-user systems to statewide implementations. It includes programs management capability and data analytics, and easily interfaces with other management systems for an easy-to-use solution.

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