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Managing risk and increasing safety are at the core of a successful justice system, whether in the community or at a correctional facility. Your role is critical to reducing recidivism while helping justice-involved individuals succeed safely and productively.


Making informed decisions is critical, and you need a holistic view of the person and the justice ecosystem to ensure both individual and community needs are met. With a road map for rehabilitation after incarceration, you can create and track an individualized supervision plan, reducing recidivism while equipping justice-involved individuals for safe and productive outcomes.



The Northpointe Suite

The Northpointe Suite is an automated decision support software package of industry leading risk, needs assessment and case management tools. The instruments address the complex set of risk, need and case management considerations that improve decision accuracy in custody, supervision and programming based on underlying criminogenic needs.


COMPAS Classification

COMPAS Classification helps inform critical decisions and mitigate your risk. This nationally validated tool seamlessly integrates with your jail management system to provide critical inmate insights and help you manage each inmate, maximizing jail efficiency.


Northpointe Risk/Needs Assessments

COMPAS Risk/Needs Assessments allows you to easily select any combination of its 22 risk and needs scales to effectively and efficiently inform decisions.


Northpointe Pretrial

A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain an offender before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial provides the relevant data to help inform release decisions and decisions regarding the conditions of the release.


Northpointe Specialty Court

Northpointe Specialty Courts is an integrated software solution that manages all participant processing and case/court activities. It’s completely scalable, affordable, and applicable for all types of treatment-focused dockets – from small, single-user systems to statewide implementations – and it easily interfaces with other case management systems for a seamless, easy-to-use solution.

The Ad Hoc Report Generator tool gives line staff, supervisors and administrators easy access to the data fields in the system across the agency’s licensed software modules within the Northpointe Suite. Report outputs can be exported to PDF or Excel for data sorting and manipulation.
The Northpointe Suite Case Manager is seamlessly integrated with our assessment tools and case planning functionality so you can track and manage your case processing events in one place without having to do dual data entry or fumble with paper files.
Get a more detailed analysis using the Northpointe Suite screening tool library.
COMPAS and the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment trailer provides a gender-responsive, culturally sensitive assessment approach tailored to the risks and needs of women that helps case managers make more appropriate treatment, supervision and reentry decisions.
Appropriate youth placement and treatment decisions from initial arrest to release.
Designed primarily for inmates incarcerated for more than 18 months, the COMPAS Reentry module provides a state-of-the-art risk and needs assessment tool for the reentry population. The assessment provides scales for both male and female populations to assess their risk and needs as they prepare to leave prison and transition back into the community.
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