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Managing risk and increasing safety are at the core of a successful justice system, whether in the community or at a correctional facility. Your role is critical to reducing recidivism while helping justice-involved individuals succeed safely and productively.


Making informed decisions is critical, and you need a holistic view of the person and the justice ecosystem to ensure both individual and community needs are met. With a road map for rehabilitation after incarceration, you can create and track an individualized supervision plan, reducing recidivism while equipping justice-involved individuals for safe and productive outcomes.



Risk Needs Assessment

Northpointe Suite Risk Need Assessments is an automated decision support software module containing industry-leading risk and need assessment tools with integrated case planning. These assessments address the complex set of considerations that improve decision accuracy in custody while preparing for reentry and programming criteria based on underlying criminogenic needs.


Case Management for Supervision

Northpointe Suite Case Manager is a person-based supervision case management solution that links person data together with individual assessment outcomes, treatment plans and long-term progress reports while offering critical functionality for Pre-Sentence Investigation report creation and a comprehensive Workload Manager to oversee supervision agency operations and caseload.


Classification Management

The Northpointe Suite Classification Management module houses the Inmate Decision Tree to help inform your critical decisions and mitigate the risk to your facility, staff and inmates. This nationally recognized tool provides critical inmate insights, helping you manage inmate behavior, misconducts and housing assignments. Maximize your jail’s efficiency with best-in-class classification management. Choose order over chaos with proven classification practices that improve daily operations and safety.


Custody Management

The Northpointe Suite Custody Management solution is not your typical ‘book and release’ jail management system. This best-in-class software incorporates three key pillars of success for any custody oriented agency: intake, facility and inmate management. Make your data work for you to drive defensible decisions, increase cost efficiency and reduce risk.



A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain a defendant before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial module offers a Pretrial Assessment library to support your release decisions, generate court reports, track conditions of release and supervision compliance.


Problem-Solving Courts

The Northpointe Suite Problem-Solving Courts module manages all court participant processing and case/court activities. Created specifically for problem-solving courts with Risk Need Assessments and Phase Management built right in, this solution is applicable for all types of treatment-focused dockets – from small, single-user systems to statewide implementations. It includes programs management capability and data analytics, and easily interfaces with other management systems for an easy-to-use solution.

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