Looking for ways to use your equivant tools to reach people during a crisis? Here are three capabilities you may find helpful.

Interactive Text Response (ITR)

If you’re using Interactive Text Response (ITR) with your CourtView software, try custom result codes. A result code is the part of a reminder text where you indicate to the recipient what happened with their court event, which can include the reason for a delay or continuance. The codes you usually use may not be applicable right now, but this is a field you can customize. For example, we’re seeing many courts add “Continued Due to Court Closure” as a new result code.


CourtView UpdateXpress

If you’re using CourtView’s UpdateXpress, try batch changes. To quickly and easily find, result, or reschedule large numbers of events at the same time, use the UpdateXpress plug-in. This will allow you to select multiple events, even large groups of them, and update all of them with the same result code, result date, etc., which also sends a text to affected parties. UpdateXpress is a separate service you can add to your existing ITR tool.


eServices Suite

If you’re using eServices Suite, try broadcast messages. If you’re using the eServices suite to connect with your community and take filings, payments, etc. online, you can set up a broadcast message to alert users to changes in operations. You have two broadcast options: banner display, and email. A banner display will appear on the top of every page of the eServices suite, and an email message can be automatically sent to all authenticated users.


We’re here to help, and we’re happy to walk you through these features and others to help you expedite your operations during this crisis. Give us a call today.