equivant Launches Robust, Configurable Web-based Jury Process Manager Solution

Equivant LogoNovember 3, 2022 – Canton, Ohio – equivant, an industry leader in integrated case management solutions for courts, prosecutors, and other justice agencies, announced today the launch of the web-based Jury Process Manager (JPM) solution.

The JPM solution provides robust, configurable functionality in a hosted environment for Courts and Clerks. Users can easily configure the solution to meet their needs, and JPM includes easy-to-use features, including an annual juror draw synced with driver and voter registration data, comprehensive jury term creation and management, configurable questionnaires that be completed online, self-check-in through portals, payment options, and seating chart functionality.

“equivant is pleased to offer our clients the most efficient solution on the market. We look forward to working with our clients to implement this solution to meet the requirement of providing easier access to the jurors,” said Sherry-Lynn Agcanas-Wolf, Product Portfolio Manager. “This browser-based solution will improve our client’s jury management capabilities.”

For more information on the web-based JPM solution, click here.

About equivant

For over three decades, equivant has successfully implemented integrated technology solutions in justice agencies across the United States. From courts to public attorneys and community supervision to institutional corrections, equivant’s deep domain knowledge and modern technologies help promote public and individual safety by informing decisions at every step.

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