Muskingum County (OH) Clerk of Courts, Common Pleas Court, & Domestic Relations Court are Enhancing Case & Workflow Efficiency with the Implementation of equivant’s CourtView3

August 16, 2022 – Canton, OH – equivant, an industry leader in intelligent case management solutions (CMS) for courts, prosecutors, probation, and other related justice agencies, announced today that the Muskingum County (OH) Clerk of Courts, the Common Pleas Court and the Domestic Relations Court have all successfully implemented equivant’s CourtView3 (CV3) case management system. The implementation provides improved case workflow and boosts day-to-day office efficiency, benefiting all stakeholders, from staff and defendants to Muskingum County residents.

“We are excited about the successful implementation of CourtView3. The powerful scheduling, case processing, document management, and reporting tools ensure our Court is functioning at peak performance. Plus, access to information is straightforward and easily accessible. CourtView3 has increased efficiency and effectiveness within our courts and is improving service to all our internal and external constituents.,” said Wendy Sowers, Clerks of Courts in Muskingum County (OH).

CourtView is a proven, effective suite of software tools that reflects more than a decade of input from some of the most efficient courts in the country. This latest generation of our trusted CourtView line of products, CV3, is a full-featured court case-control center built to meet the demands of state and local jurisdictions across the country. CV3’s core case component helps courts manage information about all types of criminal, family, juvenile, traffic, probate, and civil cases with an array of selectable screens and processing flows that adjust to specific needs.

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For over three decades, equivant has successfully implemented integrated technology solutions in justice agencies across the United States. From courts to public attorneys and community supervision to institutional corrections, equivant’s deep domain knowledge and modern technologies help promote public and individual safety by informing decisions at every step.

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