CourtView, Constellation & Northpointe Re-brand to equivant

CourtView Justice Solutions Inc., Constellation Justice Systems Inc. and Northpointe, Inc. today announced its collaborative rebrand to equivant effective January 9, 2017.  The headquarters for equivant will be in Canton, Ohio and all existing product lines will remain intact.

CourtView Justice Solutions, Constellation Justice Systems, and Northpointe have devoted decades to working with courts, public attorneys, and corrections/supervision agencies.  These companies are recognized leaders in their space and were amongst the first to bring modern technologies to justice practitioners nationwide.  Uniting as equivant creates a single entity dedicated to helping justice agencies better serve their communities.  With a core mission of delivering better outcomes to all who touch the justice system equivant will continue to provide the expertise, services, and technological advancements that help justice agencies accomplish their own goals and vision.

“Since becoming sister companies in 2011, we’ve found that CourtView Justice Solutions, Constellation Justice Systems, and Northpointe often talk with the same agencies or cross paths in the same jurisdictions, at times confusing our customers and fragmenting our service delivery," said Jeffrey Harmon, General Manager of equivant.  "By rebranding as equivant we are better able to represent ourselves as the 360-degree justice solution supplier that we are.”

For more information, see our equivant “FAQ” document or email  

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