Aligning with Pretrial Standards? It May Be Time to Get Back to Basics

Aligning with Pretrial Standards? It May Be Time to Get Back to Basics

Pretrial processes look different across the country, and each state and jurisdiction has evolved their practices through a combination of political pressures, legislation, and legacy processes. As pretrial reform moves across the country, it’s important for agencies to align their processes with national standards, state requirements, and evidence-based practice.

How do you get started? This can be a daunting process, and it helps to get back to basics.

  1. Center your strategy on the 3 M’s of Pretrial: Maximize release, Maximize court appearances and Maximize public safety. All other essential elements of your pretrial practice should flow from these defining principles.
  2. Brush up on the NIC’s A Framework for Pretrial Justice. If you’re like many of us, you haven’t spent the time to read this document in detail in years, and while it’s great as an occasional reference, it’s also helpful for re-grounding yourself and your team as you move to align yourself with national standards.
  3. Ensure you’re Measuring What Matters. With the right pretrial technology solution, this part’s easy. In the Northpointe Suite, the newest Measuring What Matters metrics are already integrated into the system and are easily accessible in pretrial widgets.
  4. Understand your assessments. There are many different pretrial assessment options out there, and the most commonly used validated tools are available in the Northpointe Suite. These can guide decision-making and help you ensure options such as diversion, deferred prosecution, and problem-solving/wellness courts are offered to those eligible who might benefit from them.
  5. Stay on top of standards and new legislation. Pretrial continues to evolve, and even though things tend to move slowly, those who aren’t making a concerted effort to anticipate what’s next for pretrial could be caught off-guard.

Whether you’re in the back-to-basics phase or you need a bit more targeted help, we’re here for you. Our team of former practitioners has seen firsthand how pretrial practices evolve, and they know how to help you align your systems.

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