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JWorks for Attorneys

Prosecutors and public defenders operate at a major intersection of the justice system, with a wide range of contacts and systems that can often feel disconnected and disorganized. JWorks for Attorneys is a software that streamlines your tasks, referrals, and caseloads. You can differentiate or link departments and track data and documents online from any device. High-volume case loads become manageable with solutions that can securely scale to fit your organization.



  • Case Management
  • Document and Data Tracking
  • Customizable Workflow Management


  • District/Prosecuting Attorney
  • Public Defenders


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Northpointe Suite Risk/Needs Assessments

COMPAS Risk/Needs Assessments allows you to easily select any combination of its 22 risk and needs scales to effectively and efficiently inform decisions.

Automated Discovery and File Management

Discovery for JWorks Attorney provides your agency with an easy-to-use document and imaging tool that increases office productivity and significantly decreases the hours you spend managing paper discoverable information packets for disclosure.

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Northpointe Pretrial

A critical decision made by your agency is whether to release or detain an offender before trial. The likelihood of appearance – and more importantly, public safety – must be balanced with basic rights to due process and equality under the law. Northpointe Pretrial provides the relevant data to help inform release decisions and decisions regarding the conditions of the release.

Remove hardware headaches and focus on your day-to-day operations by hosting your applications with equivant and Amazon Web Services. All your agency’s data is protected within a secure and hardened infrastructure.

Store and retrieve all electronic media associated with a case including documents, email, images, video, audio, and more, in a centralized location.

equivant’s IJIS Broker shares information between justice agencies all over the United States and Australia. The framework uses an open standards platform to provide secure access to information in justice systems throughout the enterprise and natively processes GJXDM, NIEM, XBRL and ECF-based transactions, and can easily import/export other metadata formats such as comma delimited files.