Data & Tech Security: Creating an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery

In the justice system, we have to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or a national disaster that forces your agency to operate offline, it’s critical to ensure your agency’s data and tech is secure. How do you make this happen? Have a great disaster recovery plan. So what are some steps to creating an effective plan?

5 Steps to Create an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Form a Response Team: The first step is establishing a team to address any disasters that may impact your agency. Clearly identify roles and responsibilities and ensure your team has the necessary training.
  2. Risk Assessment: Has your team conducted a thorough risk analysis in the case of any disturbances? Does your team understand the impact of such a disturbance on your agency? Identify your risks and rank them by priority.
  3. Data Backup and Collection: Ensure your data is automatically backed up regularly and you have a copy of both on-site and off-site data. Imaging your server is also critical.
  4. Written Plan: Record your plan in writing. Ensure everyone understands and is aligned. Assign roles and responsibilities.
  5. Continuous Testing: A thorough test of your plan should be the first step once complete. And once you think you’re done – test again! This will allow your team to correct any problems and make the necessary adjustments that work best for your agency.

As a technology company, we understand how critical it is to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether you’re looking for a new hosted application for your team or your agency is looking for guidance on the systems and data you manage on-site, we’re here to help.

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