Get to Know The Northpointe Suite

Get to Know the Northpointe Suite

When you think about Northpointe, what comes to mind first? The COMPAS assessment? Our decision tree? Classification? We’re proud to have led the industry in classification and risk/needs assessments for decades, and we’re just as proud of all the new innovations and solutions we’ve developed beyond our classification roots.

There’s so much more to The Northpointe Suite (NPS).

NPS is an end-to-end solution that helps you manage everything from custody, classification, pretrial, risk/needs assessments, problem-solving courts, case management, jail management, supervision modules, rewards/violations, all the way through discharge.

NPS is both broad and deep. It offers a wide range of tools and functions, and each of them is fully comprehensive so you can manage every stage of pretrial, custody, and supervision seamlessly and completely.

Get to know your populations on the individual level.

We designed NPS as a person-centered system, where you can not only assess individuals’ risks and needs, but also make data-driven decisions about their path through the justice system. A multitude of validated screeners and assessments are fully integrated to help you get a holistic view of the client. Better understand individuals’ motivation level, indicators of trauma and mental health concerns, substance and alcohol use and abuse levels, domestic violence history, and more.

Additionally, case planning is integrated so you’re not only learning more about each person, you’re using that data to inform decision-making, and all the information is housed in one place for a clear end-to-end look at their journey.

By person-centered, we also mean NPS is designed for the people who use it. Your team can use case planning tools, notes, dashboards, ad hoc reporting, stock reports, data extracts, and more to stay organized and keep track of the individuals they’re responsible for.

Get to know The Northpointe Suite for classification, assessments, and so much more. Our team of former practitioners has been in your shoes and is proud to have built solutions for your specific needs.

We’d love to talk. Get in touch to learn more about The Northpointe Suite and how it can provide end-to-end support in your jurisdiction.