Localize Your Pretrial Decision-Making

Localize Your Pretrial Decision-Making

Pretrial procedures, bail reform, release standards, and more are highly localized to your state and jurisdiction. So are the data points you collect and use, and the reports you run to inform decision-making. Shouldn’t your pretrial technology be localized as well?

With Northpointe Suite Pretrial, you can easily incorporate all your local processes, regulations, guidelines, and needs. This includes:

  • Local risk tolerance and decision-making matrices
  • A wide selection of validated pretrial assessments to help you select the right tool for your community
  • Configurable data collection, including the ability to create new fields to collect the exact data points your jurisdiction needs
  • Forms and reports that can be configured to your unique requirements for making release recommendations and keeping other stakeholders informed
  • Tracking how well procedures are being followed and under what circumstances deviations are happening

Across the country, pretrial practices and procedures are being closely scrutinized. The pressure is immense. We must balance the safety of the community with the constitutional rights of a pretrial defendant. Best practices and national standards, while lofty and promoted with the best intentions, do not always account for the uniqueness of our communities, our population, and the priorities and values of our stakeholders. This combination can leave your team stuck and stagnant. We can help. The Northpointe Pretrial module meets your jurisdiction where it is at and allows for you to customize your data collection and reporting options, provides a wide array of Pretrial assessment tools, and adjusts with you as your system evolves.

Your community is unique. You have choices. You don’t have to shoe-horn your pretrial processes into rigid standards or one-size-fits-all tools and software systems. You have the choice to localize and customize your pretrial decision-making practices with Northpointe Suite Pretrial. Contact us today for a free demo and to talk with our team of former practitioners about your community’s needs.