Meet the Team: Erin King, Customer Success Manager


“I never in a million years thought I’d be working for a software company.”

Erin King, Customer Success Manager at Northpointe, spent most of her career helping people get their lives back on track as a probation and parole officer, training and mentoring other supervision professionals, and implementing evidence-based practice into her jurisdiction and around the country.

“It’s really important work that we do,” King said of her years working in supervision. “We work with a population that’s often forgotten. People who are rejected and vilified. I find it tremendously humbling. You know, we’re all one bad mistake away from being on the other side of things, and it’s really important to bring your compassion to work with you every day.”

One of the challenges that King and others faced was knowing whether their work was really reducing recidivism in her community.

“How do you know the interaction you’re having with a client is making a difference?” King asked at the time. “I was really intrigued by the fact that increasingly there’s hard science we can turn to that demonstrate specific actions we take with our clients can positively affect outcomes, and not just going with your gut feeling.”

That hard science came to King’s home state of Wisconsin in the form of the COMPAS assessment. King was asked to serve on a state-level committee to implement COMPAS and the Northpointe Suite, where she got to learn more about both the science and the user experience.

“That was really the turning point for me,” King said. “I was skeptical of assessments, I was asking the hard questions, and I finally understood that there was more we could be doing for our community than just continuing to do what we’ve always done.”

King got to work with the Northpointe Suite first-hand as a community corrections supervisor, and she later advocated for it in an administrative capacity when she was promoted to Assistant Chief of Community Corrections in Milwaukee.

After more than 20 years working for the state of Wisconsin and with a nationwide consulting company, King made the move to Northpointe, where she could continue to mentor, advocate for, and train justice professionals.

“I just saw this as a fantastic opportunity to pull all of the different elements of my background together under one umbrella while still being able to work with progressive agencies and super smart people who want to do the right things for the right reasons,” King said.

As a Customer Success Manager, King gets to work with justice professionals every day. Her job is to advocate for customers, be an advisor and sounding board, coordinate equivant’s team of experts to get customers what they need and want and stay in communication with customers to support their work.

“It’s really our job to help our customers do their jobs better,” King said. “Sometimes I feel a bit like a fish out of water because my heart has always been in community corrections, not exactly technology, but I love that our customers and their work are always driving the technology piece, and using those solutions enable our customers to do the most important work with the people they serve.”

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