Meet the Team: Tina Gensler, Northpointe Product Implementation Specialist


After 21 years supervising high-risk sex offenders, Tina Gensler, Northpointe Implementation Specialist, is now on the other side of the case management process.

“I had been using the Northpointe Suite for years, and now that I’m in this role, it has been such a great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience of working with the software and see our product really do what it needs to do for the agency,” Gensler said.

Gensler started out with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections doing adult probation and parole supervision. She specialized in sex offender supervision, worked for the Sex Offender Registry Program and was a Corrections Field Supervisor, managing a high-risk sex offender unit of 10 agents supervising a total of approximately 400 individuals in the community.

“As a supervisor, I was actively involved in case management and problem-solving, and the Northpointe Suite was instrumental in tracking workload requirements, caseloads and case audits,” Gensler said.

At the time, Gensler’s favorite part about the Northpointe Suite was that it’s a “one-stop shop” that handles every part of a person’s experience from the moment they enter the justice system to the moment they leave.

“The seamlessness of it all is indescribable,” Gensler said.

Now, one of the things she likes most about her position is being able to problem-solve with the clients.

“I absolutely love working with agencies, figuring out what they’re doing, talking about cases, and helping them configure our products to meet their specific needs,” Gensler said. “I’ve been in their shoes, and it helps to be able to talk about what worked for me or how I’ve seen a particular tool used.”

As an implementation specialist, Gensler gets to start working with clients from the beginning of their relationship with equivant. She trains client teams, helps make sure the agency’s needs are met, works within their existing processes, and helps ensure everyone on the team can use the technology.

“Getting clients in the software and watching them navigate it … it’s really something,” Gensler said. “The way our software flows, it’s so easy to get into the case plan, and it’s so user-friendly. We have it all in there for you. It’s effortless.”

But the relationship doesn’t end once clients are up and running with the Northpointe Suite.

“I really want clients to know that we’re here to take care of them,” Gensler said. “If you have a question, give me a call anytime. Even if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you. It may take 10 minutes or it may take a week, but I’m going to get you what you need to do your job.”

Gensler said she’s proud to work with a team that’s continuously learning and growing.

“I like the fact that we’re constantly working to make the technology better,” Gensler said. “We use customer recommendations to improve our products, and we have a lot of people here who used to work in the field, and our experiences and perspectives really matter to the development team.”

Gensler is one of many former practitioners at equivant, and all of us are here to help. If you’re interested in learning more about the Northpointe Suite or our implementation process, contact us today.