Pre-Trial vs. Post-Conviction: Let’s Keep it Simple

Pre-Trial vs. Post-Conviction: Let’s Keep it Simple

Pre-trial and post-conviction: The approach is different. The requirements are different. The reporting is different. The individual’s needs are different. Your agency’s needs are different.

What stays the same? Your team. Their talents. Their capacity.

So why ask one team to juggle two technology platforms for handling cases during pre-trial and post-conviction? Manage all your cases from a single tool: The Northpointe Suite.

Northpointe Suite is a fully integrated solution from point-of-arrest to point-of-release, offering:

  • Pre- and post-conviction supervision and custody tools
  • Assessments for every stage of the justice process
    • VPRAI, VPRAI-R, ORAS-PAT, PSA, and PRRS for pre-trial
    • COMPAS, LSI, and ORAS for post-conviction
  • Full library of alternate screening tools
  • Tracking capabilities that are fully configurable to your needs, including violations, contacts, drug testing, programming, etc.
  • Data housed in a singular system for easy extraction and reporting at any stage
  • Integrated case planning that lets your team move seamlessly from data and assessments to plans

For many agencies, moving to a single system for full integration from pre-trial to post-conviction is a clear next step, but the challenge is how to do it, and how to do it within the budget.

“The Northpointe Suite allows an agency to secure a solution either a-la-carte or a full case management solution,” said Katie Brachel, Junior Account Executive at equivant. “An agency can build their solution small pieces at a time to reduce the one-time cost of a larger case management solution.”

If your team is spread too thin, using multiple systems for multiple points in the justice process, it’s time to give us a call. Our team of experts can help you find the solution that’s right for you and your team, from point-of-arrest to point-of-release, and everything in between. Contact us today.