End-to-End Pretrial Support? Done.

End-to-End Pretrial Support? Done.

In your jurisdiction, when a justice-involved person navigates the pretrial process, how many different agencies are involved? How many touch-points do they have with your agency and with others? How many justice professionals capture information and/or make decisions about that individual’s path?

In most jurisdictions, these numbers are staggering. The complexity of pretrial is not to be underestimated, nor is the value of having a single tool that brings it all together. Northpointe Suite Pretrial  is an end-to-end solution that covers every agency, process, data point, and decision point along the way.

Streamline your pretrial prep. Use the Pretrial Queue to take in information about who can be released prior to arraignment, and customize your Eligibility Matrix to your jurisdiction’s release requirements to help make and track decisions, not to mention defend them later.

Count on integrated pretrial assessments. Nationally validated assessment tools are built right in, along with a full library of secondary screeners for everything from Domestic Violence to mental health to substance abuse and DUI. Everything you need for evidence-based decision support is right at your fingertips in an efficient, user-friendly system.

Make community supervision seamless. Northpointe has helped jurisdictions all over the country manage the supervision process from start to finish for nearly three decades. Northpointe Suite Pretrial was built by and for justice professionals, and comprehensive case management that’s automatically aligned with the identified risks is one of our specialties.

Keep everyone on the same page. So many agencies. So many processes. So many decisions. One solution for tracking decisions, progress, and outcomes. Make sure everyone involved in every case has updates in real-time so they can make informed decisions with the latest case information. This is cross-jurisdiction collaboration at its finest.

Work efficiently with end-to-end tools. We know what can make your life easier. Easy scheduling that links right into Outlook, a forms designer that will auto-populate what you need, fully configurable data sheets that can include electronic signatures, and more are all included. Working efficiently has never been so easy.

For every agency and every collaborator at every touch-point along the pretrial journey, ONE tool has everything you need. That’s what true end-to-end support looks like. That’s Northpointe Suite Pretrial.

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