Is Your Pretrial Tool Future-Ready?

Is Your Pretrial Tool Future-Ready?

Not an easy question to answer, particularly in the many communities across the country where pretrial is still being hotly debated. How can you be future-ready when you don’t know what the future holds?

The key is adaptability. There is no perfect time to buy the right technology for pretrial, and if your plan is to wait until your state or jurisdiction has landed on a flawless solution … well, you might be waiting a while.

Here are the top 3 ways to ensure your pretrial technology meets your needs now and in the future:

  1. Configurability. Pretrial processes are different everywhere, and your own processes will change over time, so you need a tool that grows and evolves right along with you. Assessments or no assessments? Cash bail or no cash bail? You need a tool that’s as adaptable as you are.
  2. Validation. Forward-thinking agencies (FTAs) aren’t just choosing a tool for right now, they’re considering the future validation needs of their assessments. If your state doesn’t already have validation requirements in place, they’re likely coming soon, and you’ll need to be ready. Validation studies require 2-3 years’ worth of data, and you’ll need to make sure you’re gathering the right data early.
  3. Reporting. Your team needs to be able to easily report pretrial data (FTAs, new criminal activity, violations, pretrial assessment scores, etc.), now and in the future. Particularly if you’re in a jurisdiction where pretrial is being debated or processes are changing, your ability to quickly and easily provide reports to decision-makers will be essential.

The Northpointe Suite Pretrial module provides a highly configurable solution that will allow your agency and your stakeholders to use a variety of pretrial assessment tools, collect and store data for future validation, and easily do retrieval, analysis, and reporting.

Whether your state has new standards in place, or you’re anticipating changes down the road, having the right pretrial tool can make all the difference.

Future-proof your pretrial technology with Northpointe Suite Pretrial. It’s everything you need today, with an eye toward the future. Request your free demo today!