Link Your Decisions to Your Data. Here’s How.

Link Your Decisions to Your Data. Here’s How.

From the moment an individual enters your facility, the decisions begin. Your team members are making careful observations, they’re asking questions, they’re gathering data, and they’re managing that individual’s path, both literally and figuratively.

When it comes to decisions based on experience and expertise, your team can likely tell you exactly what informed their choices. When it comes to decisions driven by data, can they do the same? Do they know which data points map to which of their critical decisions, or is the data being collected but not fully utilized?

Here are some of the top decision points your custody management solution should be informing. This isn’t a comprehensive list!

Link Your Decisions to Your Data

This template can be modified and adjusted to meet your team’s needs. For example, what other decisions would you add? What are the specific parts of these assessments and screeners you find most useful? Have you set up your dashboards within your custody management solution to surface the exact information you need at each decision point?

Let’s talk more about your decisions, your data, and how they connect. Our team of practitioners can help you maximize the impact of your data to help you make stronger, more defensible decisions that keep everyone in your facility safer. Contact us today!