What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

What's Your Elevator Pitch?

What’s your elevator pitch? When someone asks you what you do, and you need a quick, easy-to-understand description of your highly complex job, what do you say?

Here’s ours: We keep jail staff, inmates, and communities safe.

We’re a team of justice practitioners with decades of experience doing exactly what you do every day, and we build the technology solutions we wish we’d had when we were in your shoes.

Our latest creation?

Northpointe Suite Custody Management. Here’s how we can help.

Safe staff.

We help you make decisions based on data. Do you know the current trends for safety issues in your facility? Can you pick out the hot spots that have higher incidences? And can you do it all while also processing your incoming cases and ensuring they’re assigned housing that will increase safety for everyone?

Safe inmates.

Our user-friendly system integrates directly into your existing processes and makes it easy for everyone on the team to make informed decisions about housing, programming, work assignments, separation of inmates, and more. Screeners for mental illness, PTSD, suicide risk, and others are built right in to help your staff make safe, data-driven decisions.

Secure communities.

When inmates are appropriately classified and have the right programming in place pre-release, the whole community is safer. Reentry starts in your jail, and your team plays an important role in reducing recidivism. Northpointe Custody Management helps you think big-picture and put roadmaps in place not only to increase safety now in your facility, but also long-term in your community.

And the best part is, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Northpointe Suite Custody Management is more than a comprehensive facility management tool, it’s a partnership. We’ll be with you long after implementation, and our regular updates ensure your technology is always up-to-date.

Contact us today to learn more about Northpointe Suite Custody Management and how you can keep your staff, your inmates, and your community safer.