Wisconsin vs. Loomis: Court Affirms the Use of COMPAS in Sentencing

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 that the State of Wisconsin can continue to use COMPAS to aid judges with sentencing decisions. The court concluded that “…if used properly, observing the limitations and cautions set forth herein, a circuit court’s consideration of a COMPAS risk assessment at sentencing does not violate a defendant’s right to due process”.

The Court determined that since the circuit court explained the COMPAS risk scores were supported by other independent factors, the use of COMPAS was not determinative in deciding whether Loomis could be supervised safely and effectively in the community.

Northpointe’s COMPAS solution takes a “retrospective” look at risk and needs factors over the previous 12 months for making treatment and supervision decisions at intake and in the community or a “prospective” look at risk and needs for longer term incarcerated inmates transitioning back into the community. Needs scales are used to assess the scope and type of treatment interventions that may be implemented in a facility or community setting.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s opinion on the case.