Your Decisions Matter. Get the Right Support.

Your Decisions Matter. Get the Right Support.

Should we divert? Must we detain? What are the least-restrictive conditions to ensure safety?

The decisions made during the pretrial process are important and life-altering for everyone involved. Having the right data to inform those decisions is absolutely critical. That’s why Northpointe Suite Pretrial’s best-in-class analytics are the right fit.

We know the science. We aren’t just dropping in a few assessments and doing a little basic math. We’re a research team backed by seasoned scientists, and we have a deep understanding of how all the data points fit together to inform decision-making. Our evolved approach to analytics reflects decades of being at the forefront of justice research and technology, and our tools help you make informed, defensible decisions, every time.

Reporting has never been easier. Set up your standard reports, or pull ad hoc reports to meet any need, anytime. Northpointe Suite Pretrial’s data extraction tools mean every data point is easily accessible, so whether you need additional decision support or you’re responding to a stakeholder’s request, getting what you need will be quick and easy.

See it all. All at once. Scrolling, hunting, and searching slow you down, and doing it multiple times a day as you work every case means a serious lack of efficiency. Get more done by configuring your dashboards by individual, role, team, or agency so everyone can see exactly what they need with just a glance. All the data you need, in the order you need it, all in one place.

Every decision matters, and having the right decision support makes all the difference. From evolved analytics to advanced reporting capabilities, Northpointe Suite Pretrial has everything you need to make informed, defensible decisions and keep your processes moving efficiently.

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