We hear you. Let’s work on it together.

We hear you. Let's work together.

At equivant, a big part of our job is listening to our customers and understanding your pain points so we can put our decades of experience to work helping you overcome the challenges that come your way. 

We hear you. You’re facing siloed, messy, and inaccurate data; cumbersome processes; public outcry for equity and transparency; public perceptions of antiquated, uncaring, or intimidating  justice systems; and technology that isn’t fast enough, smart enough or flexible enough.

That’s why we’re here. We create flexible, reliable technology solutions that help you advance justice in your community. We’re committed to healthy agencies, rigorous evidence-based decisions, and engaged communities. We help make data make sense, and we help your team connect the dots to make better decisions and run your agency more effectively.

Rely on equivant for:

  • Configurable solutions. We cringe when we see agencies shoe-horning their operations into static technology solutions. Your technology has to be configurable to meet your needs, and we take it a step further and offer personalization by agency, staff, role, and even individual.
  • Industry expertise. We’ve been doing this for a while, and it shows. Our team members average 20+ years of experience, and most have spent their entire careers working as, with, and for justice practitioners. We’ve been an active part of this industry for over 30 years, and we design proactive solutions to meet today’s challenges and what’s next.
  • The right fit. Even if it’s not ours. Our commitment is to you and the health of your agency, and sometimes that means advocating for a solution that’s made by one of our industry partners. We’ve carefully cultivated an extensive network of industry-leading suppliers, and when they’re doing something you need to see, we’ll tell you about it.
  • Commitment to justice. From creating public-friendly A2J tools to advocating for data quality and accuracy, we’re working to advance justice and help communities flourish. Even as we help you manage every detail, we have an eye on the big picture and are working at every stage of the justice lifecycle to promote equity and remove bias.

We’re your partner. We’re modern technologists with a passion for justice. And we’re here to listen. Let’s work together to solve whatever challenges you’re up against and improve your agency’s efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us today.