What Configurability Means for You

What Configurability Means For You

When you’re buying technology, words like “configurability” and “customization” can be scary because they usually come with dollar signs attached to them. They also usually mean that the vendor won’t be able to support the changes you make.

JWorks is different. When you’re working with equivant, configurability means flexibility. It means the technology conforms to your processes, not the other way around. It means everything is supported, even after you’ve adjusted it to meet your needs.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at what a truly configurable case management system (CMS) can do for you.

  • It grows with you. Your work is constantly evolving, and your CMS should too. Configurability means that when you make updates to your processes, local laws change, or your needs simply evolve, your CMS is built to grow and expand along with you.
  • It’s not a blank slate. And it shouldn’t be, right? You shouldn’t have to configure every single detail, only the ones you want to. We operate on a loose 80/20 rule: 80% of the functionality you need is fairly standard and can be adapted to your specific needs with minor tweaks, and 20% is specialized to your local rules, demographics, case types, preferences, and processes.
  • It’s all supportable. A system that’s designed to be configured should be designed to be supported. JWorks has a common map behind the scenes that means regardless of the naming conventions you use, the flows you create, or the processes you build, our expert support team can always assist you.
  • It’s ready to go from Day 1. Configurability doesn’t mean we deliver a product and then you have to configure it – it’s truly a team effort. We don’t consider the product launched until it’s exactly the way you want it. Our implementation teams are masters of their craft, and they’ll work to uncover your business needs and implement just the right solution for you.

So next time you hear configurability, think flexibility. Think growth and longevity. Think ongoing support.

If configurability is what you crave to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently, then talk to us about JWorks for Attorneys. It’s everything you want from a configurable tool and everything you need in a CMS. Contact us today.