Keep the Personalization; Lose the Distraction

Keep the Personalization; Lose the Distraction

Your team made an abrupt shift to working from home, and they made it work. They personalized their workspaces, whatever those ended up being, and found ways to adapt to the circumstances.

What made that adaptation easier? Our customers tell us that personalization was key. As you and your team continue to evolve your ways of working, let’s leave behind the frustrating parts of our pandemic working lives, and let’s retain the helpful ones.

Top 5 Ways to Personalize Your Work Set-Up

Here are the Top 5 ways to personalize your work set-up… from anywhere:

  1. Dashboards and layouts. Everyone on your team is contributing to the justice process in different ways and making different decisions, so why should they all be looking at the same screens? Your whole team will work more efficiently when they can personalize their dashboards to see exactly what they need.
  2. Custom fields. The data your agency collects and uses is often unique to your community’s needs. Make sure everyone has the right data fields, not just in your case management system, but on the actual screens where they’ll need them.
  3. Workflows. Automate key processes to help your team keep cases moving and focus on the job you hired them for. Route work, trigger the next steps in a process, generate forms, request data, and more, all while improving efficiency and easily removing bottlenecks.
  4. Easy searches. If you have to type an exact word or phrase to find what you need, then you don’t have a search engine that accounts for the differences in the ways individuals think and process information. Everyone will find what they need faster when your search is flexible and adaptable.
  5. Configurable file storage. When it comes to storage that makes sense to the whole team, a rigid structure won’t work. Personalize your storage by creating your own folder structure, storing all media types where you can easily access them, and maintaining version control with naming conventions and in-document notes.

The shift to working from home wasn’t easy, and the shift back to “normal” wasn’t/isn’t easy either. Support your team by providing technology that lets them personalize their experience and get the best parts of the work-from-home experience, no matter where they’re working.

Do all this and more with JWorks for Attorneys. Contact us today for a free demo or to talk through your agency’s needs. We’ve been supporting teams like yours for over three decades through all different types of workplace shifts, and we’re here to help you get through this one.